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Our advantage

Expert technical team to provide professional services
  • 100% open source program
  • Permanent free upgrade
  • Security and stability system
  • Massive data testing
  • Native APP development
  • Gold medal after-sales service

Application scenarios

As the growth of the gaming industry present explosive, the flow of cash at the same time also put forward higher requirements for game operation promotion
  • 产品优势
    Website traffic realized
    Although traffic is king, but fast cash is the cornerstone of survival
  • 服务优势
    Operation to promote
    Perfect management system, multi-dimensional marketing model, rapid liquid bridge
  • 接入优势
    SDK docking
    Zero threshold technology, according to the guidelines for easy docking, seamless embedded system
  • 防屏蔽
    Games + times
    Rich game operation dimension, refused to single mode, enter the game + era